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Thank you for your interest in joining the Alberta Food Banks provincial association. 

Membership Criteria

The association bylaws state that organizations are admitted to membership by resolution of the board of directors and that their usual activity is comprised of:

a) Large scale collection of food;
b) Large scale distribution of such food among other feeding organizations;
c) Providing food directly to people in need, if there are no organizations in the community whose activities are described in a) and b).

Furthermore, membership criteria include:

- one member food bank per area;
- member food banks must adopt the Food Banks Canada Ethical Foodbanking Code
- members must be a registered charity for a minimum of one year;
- one vote is allotted per food bank;
- members pay a membership fee based on the number of people served monthly as per the previous year's HungerCount.

Memberships are annual and run January-December. For more information on becoming a member of Alberta Food Banks, please contact our provincial office.

2015 Membership Renewals:

Download AFB 2015 membership renewal package.doc (143.5 KB)

2015 Membership Applications:

Download AFB 2015 membership application.doc (146 KB)

Learn how this program can help your local food bank purchase nutritious food for hampers.


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