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Strategic Plan 2014-16

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In late 2013, the board of directors of Alberta Food Banks engaged the services of a facilitator to assist in the development of a new strategic plan for the organization. The board spent a weekend reviewing its previous business plans and input from members. Some qeustions the board asked members to provide feedback on were:

  • As stakeholders of the organization what do you expect of Alberta Food Banks? 
  • Where have we been successful over the last 2-3 years?  Where have we been unsuccessful over the last 2-3 years?
  • Is there any information that you think is important that you would like to share with Alberta Food Banks?
  • What is the most important outcome that you would like to see emerge from this strategic planning process?  Why do you think it is important?

As a provincial organization, Alberta Food Banks works to harness the collective strength of all of our members in Alberta. We collaborate with other organizations across the country in conjunction with Food Banks Canada. With all of us working together and sharing ideas we have a much greater chance of success in all of our endeavours.

Below are the key elements of the plan, or read the full document here:  Download Alberta Food Banks 2014-2016 Strategic Plan.pdf (639.54 KB)

2014-2016 Strategic Plan Key Elements

Strategic Direction 1: Create a vibrant organization to support a strong network of engaged members


Increase the value of membership through exceptional services and resources.

Increase member engagement and stakeholder investment.

Build effective and efficient business practices internally and across the network.

Outcome: Alberta Food Banks is a dynamic, member-driven and viable organization.


Strategic Direction 2: Increase the profile of food banks to leverage greater community support


Strengthen the voice of Alberta’s food banks through strategic advocacy initiatives.

Grow community awareness and participation in food bank activities.

Outcome: Strong awareness of the value of food banks generates consistent, sustainable support.


Strategic Direction 3: Develop sustainable partnerships for sector-wide impact

O       Objectives:

Cultivate a more cooperative relationship with Food Banks Canada.

Create new and enhance existing partnerships across the non-profit sector.

Outcome: Collaborative partnerships result in measurable positive outcomes for the sector.


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