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  • Vegetables or fruit?
    Do you know what items your local food bank needs?
  • Canadian Red Cross Donates $2.44 Million
  • Alberta Shares Program
    Donate $2 at the till to support your local food bank
  • Food Bank Thanks
    This giving season we're thanking those that help food banks by volunteering or donating with a #FoodBankThanks.
The Canadian Red Cross has contributed $2.44 million to support food banks impacted by the May wildfire around Alberta. To READ MORE click the photo.
Want to donate food but don't know what to give? Most food banks have specific items they need regularly. These 'Most Wanted' items vary from one food bank to another, but we have created a list to help you support your local food bank.

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Alberta Food Banks is the provincial association of food banks in Alberta with a mission to advance the vital role, capacity and voice of Alberta's food banks through advocacy, educational and networking opportunities and exceptional member services.