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Westlock Food Bank celebrates volunteers

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This year the Westlock and District Food Bank, like several of our member food banks, marks 30 years of service to their community.

In June, the board and volunteers of the food bank held a pot luck lunch to thank Sister Eileen Boyle and Barb Zelinksy for their many years of service at the food bank. Sister Boyle retired in late 2014 and Sharon Kennedy is the current president of the food bank.

Alberta Food Banks recognizes the tremendous efforts of Sister Eileen and Barb, as well as all the many volunteers at the Westlock and District Food Bank.

Want to donate food but don't know what to give? Most food banks have specific items they need regularly. These 'Most Wanted' items vary from one food bank to another, but we have created a list to help you support your local food bank.


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