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Our History

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Alberta Food Banks was incorporated on March 19, 1998 as the Alberta Food Bank Network Association (AFBNA). In 2013 the association of food banks formally began operating as Alberta Food Banks.

The founders of the association believed:

• Food banks should support each other in achieving their objectives.
• Communication among food banks is mutually beneficial.
• Food banks’ working together enhances the well being of communities throughout Alberta.
• Creating public awareness and providing education about hunger and poverty are important elements of food bank activities.

The association has provided the means to accomplish these beliefs – by being the primary go-to place for Alberta members to pool their resources and exchange information. It will bring community food bank members together to accomplish the ultimate goal: discovering a solution to poverty and hunger.

More than 110 Alberta communities currently have food banks. Each month, these organizations provide food to more than 48,000 Albertans. The most common service they offer is providing hampers to disadvantaged individuals and families. Many food banks distribute food to other non-profit groups in their areas. Food banks also work together to lobby government and advocate for change.

Learn how this program can help your local food bank purchase nutritious food for hampers.


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