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Small change for a big difference

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ChangeIt® lets you automatically round up your debit, credit, or mobile wallet purchases and donate the difference to causes you care about - like Alberta Food Banks.

BMO Bank of Montreal and RBC Royal Bank are Canadian bank partners with ChangeIt. Get started here:


  1. Register your card
  2. Choose one or more charities
  3. Set your monthly rounding limits

Watch your small change make a world of difference!

You can track your donations online, control your rounding preferences any time and even set a monthly maximum. You'll also receive monthly giving summaries and an Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purposes for every penny you donate. It's a small change in your life that could make a huge difference for so many others.


ChangeIt - BMO Bank of Montreal Overview


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Learn how this program can help your local food bank purchase nutritious food for hampers.


Provincial conference May 25-28 in Fort McMurray