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Food Banks Canada


Food Banks Canada represents and supports the food banking community in Canada, and is committed to developing strong relationships with their membership as we work together towards our dual mission of meeting the short-term need for food and finding long-term solutions to hunger.

Under the governance of a Board of Directors, Food Banks Canada works in collaboration with its members (the provincial food bank associations), affiliate members who belong to the provincial associations, and Member Council to share expertise and build a stronger and more effective organization.

Food Banks Canada’s Members are the 10 provincial associations, including Alberta Food Banks. Affiliate Members are the more than 450 food banks who are members of the provincial associations. Food Banks Canada represent food banks across Canada. Together, we serve approximately 85% of the people accessing food programs nationwide.

Members and Affiliate Member food banks benefit from their relationship with Food Banks Canada in a number of ways. These organizations receive a fair share of large scale food donations raised by Food Banks Canada, proportionate to the number of people they serve. They have access to the many grants and programs offered by Food Banks Canada. Members also benefit from other activities, such as the coordinated research that is originated by Food Banks Canada and the policy analysis done to support advocacy work to reduce hunger.

Members and Affiliate Members have a voice in our organization through representatives who sit on Member Council. All Members and Affiliate Members must subscribe to The Ethical Foodbanking Code developed by Food Banks Canada.

For more information on Food Banks Canada, visit their website.



Want to donate food but don't know what to give? Most food banks have specific items they need regularly. These 'Most Wanted' items vary from one food bank to another, but we have created a list to help you support your local food bank.


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