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Rural Food Bank Assistance Fund

In the fall of 2008 Farm Credit Canada, in conjunction with Alberta Food Banks, staged the first Drive Away Hunger Tour in Alberta. This tour, in addition to providing food for Alberta Food Banks, raised $44,000 used as the basis for a fund to assist Alberta Food Banks members. In 2013, Alberta Food Banks contributed $7,000 to member food banks who required special assistance. 

The Rural Food Bank Assistance Fund was created to support member food banks to assist with various needs, some of which are listed below. Food banks apply to the Alberta Food Banks office and each application is reviewed by the Alberta Food Banks board of directors.

Transportation – Member food banks can apply for funds to cover some (or all) of the costs of transporting food from a hub food bank to a smaller centre or community.

Renewal and Capacity Building Fund – Member food banks require equipment and space to enable them to store and transport food safely and effectively. The size and scope of many food banks has grown. In many cases, there is a critical need to upgrade equipment and physical plants to cope with this reality. This fund is flexible to meet the unique needs of the specific food bank. Examples of use of these funds:
• Equipment required to store food must be upgraded or acquired; or
• Computers need to be purchased or replaced.

Food Fund – Food banks sometimes struggle to provide food that is nutritionally balanced and culturally appropriate. This fund provides funds to food banks to purchase food to top up what they are currently giving to clients. Suggested foods are:
• Beef, chicken & eggs
• Fresh fruits & vegetables
• Milk & margarine
• Specific ethnic food
• Other perishable items or specific product like real juice for children

Food banks wishing to take advantage of the Assistance Fund must:

• Be a current member of Alberta Food Banks;
• Submit a completed application form;
• Demonstrate a need for the funding.

A maximum of $1,000 is available for each food bank annually.

For more information on how to access this fund, contact the Alberta Food Banks office.

If you would like to make a donation to this fund, please visit our Donate page.

Alberta Food Banks is proud to partner with Peak of the Market and its two largest member food banks, Calgary Interfaith Food Bank and Edmonton's Food Bank to help bring fresh produce to food banks around the province. Our new partnership kicked off this month.