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Most Wanted List

Most food banks have specific items that they are in need of on a regular basis. These items can be perishable or non-perishable product as well as non-food items.

Contact your local food bank for their specific 'Most Wanted List' or  review this list of commonly needed items:

Non-Perishable Food:
• Beans with or without pork
• Macaroni and cheese
• Pasta and sauce
• Canned fish or meat
• Peanut butter
• Powdered milk
• Soup
• Canned fruit or vegetables
• Granola bars
• Baby food or baby formula
• Juice boxes or other items for school lunches

Perishable Food:
• Bread
• Pastry
• Fruit
• Vegetables

Non-Food Items:
• Baby diapers
• Toiletries
• Dish soap
• Hygiene products

You can donate to the Alberta Food Banks Rural Food Bank Assistance Fund. This fund is available to rural member food banks to assist with various needs. Food banks complete an application and submit it to the Alberta Food Banks office. Each application is reviewed by the Alberta Food Banks board of directors.