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Alberta Share

Alberta Food Banks launched the Alberta Share in conjunction with Save-On-Foods and the Alberta Food Processors Association on November 1st, 2002. To date, Alberta Share has generated more than $500,000 for food banks across Alberta.

In 2014, there are 30 Save-On locations in Alberta which participate in the program. In all, 10 food banks receive regular donations from this program.

Alberta Share provides a simple way for consumers to support their local food banks, and in turn, those less fortunate. Albertans have always shown generosity in helping families in need. This program makes it easier to help people get high quality, nutritious food products. Alberta Share will enable food banks across Alberta to buy the food products that are most in need.

The goals of the program are:

To build heightened awareness and consumer support for those less fortunate within the community
To assist needy families by increasing nutritional quality of food bank provisions
To increase sales of local stores who wish to support local food banks

An Alberta Share plastic card with a $2 value is distributed to Alberta food banks. Then, a volunteer from each food bank goes to local grocery stores to set up the cards in displays at checkouts. Consumers can then take the card out of the display holder and give it to the cashier for scanning. The card is then returned to the display and a $2 donation is added to the customer’s purchase total. Donation totals are reimbursed via a store credit to the local food bank. Food banks can then purchase a nutritionally balanced supply of provisions.

If you would like to set-up Alberta Share in your community, please contact the Alberta Food Banks office.


You can donate to the Alberta Food Banks Rural Food Bank Assistance Fund. This fund is available to rural member food banks to assist with various needs. Food banks complete an application and submit it to the Alberta Food Banks office. Each application is reviewed by the Alberta Food Banks board of directors.